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ABOUT: In addition to the exploration of different materials and techniques, all curriculums include studies of artists in art history, different cultures, and relate to the academics in some way. Projects can take 3-6 class hours to complete depending on its complexity and speed of the students. My students enjoy having time to develop original ideas, to watch their skills grow as they work in stages, and are proud they have created a quality piece of art.


Curriculum Guide: K/1st Grade ages 5/6

This age group will build their fine motor skills with fun drawing, cutting, painting, clay, and collage projects. They learn easier techniques to create pictures using color, lines, and shapes. They will be introduced to the subjects of self portraits, still life, under the sea habitat, abstract sculpture, puppetry/theater, Native American pottery, printmaking, and the color wheel.

Curriculum Guide: 1st Grade ages 6/7

This age group begins to learn about overlapping shapes, drawing people in proportion, filling their page, and using patterns. They enjoy independence with materials and expand their view on what these materials can create. They study architecture, Egyptian art with sculpture, clay animals, negative space weaving, career portraits, non traditional paper collage, and abstract painting.

Curriculum Guide for 2nd Grade ages 7/8

This age group further develops their imagination creating a fantasy landscape painting and mixed up creature sculpture. They learn all about inventions and learn to use their “mistakes” to their advantage. They get excited about fiber art, and create a lasting fabric buddy. Their collage project teaches them human proportions and self expression.

Curriculum Guide for 3rd Grade ages 8/9

This age group works with styles of art, different cultures, and focuses on their personal preferences. They will develop higher level skills with familiar materials like watercolor. They will understand and enjoy creating abstract art with dying fabric, seeing the relationship between poems and art, studying and making clay Greek vases, design masks inspired by other cultures, and learn to show gesture in a self portrait drawing with a pet using some simple perspective.

Curriculum Guide for 5th Grade ages 10/11

This age group learns advanced design, perspective, and portrait drawing techniques. They explore many different purposes and mediums of art used in different parts of the world. They find that each project highlights their “own” style and originality. They learn skills that can be applied to real life, such as sewing.

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Curriculum for Middle School ages 11/12

This age group discovers how math, science, and art overlap creatively. They study realism and fantasy art while experiencing a variety of drawing, painting and sculpting materials. Projects include tessellation designs, caricatures, a bowl weaving, and an imaginative clay piece. Students find it exciting to use Zentangle designs as a part of their portrait drawing.

Curriculum for Middle School ages 12/13

This age group will develop advanced skills with art materials creating an animal in its habitat watercolor, abstract drawing in pastels, clay circle weaving, still life drawing, and wire hanging sculpture. This is a class of higher thinking, creativity, and problem solving.

Curriculum for Middle School ages 13/14

This age group improves using their eye’s instincts for composition and the concept process. They will do more research for inspiration. There will be a lot of instruction and experimentation with the possibilities of each medium. Color Theory will be an important part of their studies, as well as communicating with the viewer even more. Projects include a parody drawing, abstract sculptural form, animal portrait with pastels, and a watercolor landscape.

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Visual Arts I ages 14-18

This is a beginning art class for high school students. There is no art experience necessary. They are working on developing their basic art skills at this level. There will be projects in portrait drawing, still life drawing, abstract painting, animal sculpture, and printmaking. They will learn about line, value, space, form, color, overlapping, composition, texture, and perspective.

Visual Arts II ages 15-18

This is a high school art class for students with some art experience. They will create a self portrait using graphic design, learn linear perspective for developing a “no rules” cityscape. They will use all of their knowledge in creating a multimedia sculpture, and learn different techniques in working with clay.

Visual Arts III ages 16-18

Students will apply all of their previous art experience and knowledge in creating higher level pieces. These projects will take more thought and visual problem solving, as they work with new and familiar mediums. They learn to trust their instincts and not rely on others. They will feel even freer with their expression, such as a projects involving a multimedia “identity” portrait (not a drawing of themselves), and a canvas painting of objects they have brought to class.

Visual Arts IV ages 16-18

This is a high school class for students who have taken all of the previous high school levels of art. In this class, there is a combination of set projects and those chosen by the student. The goal is to take advantage of the time for, social connections, self expression, more artistic exploration, and the space to make an organized, creative mess.

Independent Study (students who will study art in College)

This is a high school class where students can work on projects they want higher skills with, mediums they haven’t worked with, subjects they need to learn to develop an art portfolio. This class can be taken for more than one year depending on availability. I will work with these students on portfolio content, review, and college applications.

Curriculum Guide: Drawing I (high school students)

This is an introductory class to drawing. There will be drawing exercises and drawing projects. Students will experience a variety of drawing mediums and subject matter, such as hands and faces, landscapes, and animals. They will have a free choice artwork of their subject and material with guidance from me. I will also have a clay drawing project.

Curriculum Guide: Drawing II (high school students)

This class is for students with some previous drawing experience. They will review their basic drawing skills. They will work more with color and creating depth, learn to apply their drawing skills in an imaginative artwork, a pastel still life, a printmaking piece, and learn to draw with wire.

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